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Why do u hate Russia so much?


Russia occupied part of my country, and began the war in another part of it. Dozens of young men are dying every day because of some freak who wants more territory even if his country is the biggest country in the world.

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Pro-russian separatists  are hiding physical evidence of MH17 crush.
Plus they stole 36 bodies of victims of the plane crash, because they may contain fragments of the missile.
World! Make them stop!!!

They’re stealing personal items from the victims as well. International investigators are only allowed in certain areas for certain amounts of time, but when they go. To find identification of the bodies in wallets, they are finding money is gone.

A photojournalist at the scene said, "There isn’t a single cellphone, wallet with money or camera to be found in any handbag or on the bodies. It’s like they all mysteriously disappeared overnight."Anton Gerashchenko, an adviser to Ukraine’s interior minister reported that jewelry and credit cards were among the items being pilfered. A post on his Facebook page reads in English,“I have just now received information that terrorists – Death-hunters collecting were not only cash money and jewelry of the crashed Boing [sic] passengers died but also the credit cards of the victims. Currently they might as well try to use them in Ukraine or pass them on to Russia. My humble request to the relatives of the victims to freeze their credit cards, so that they will not lose their assets to terrorists!”

#wasn’t there talk though about how it wasn’t shot down#because the plane came down in one piece and there just was one explosion#one crash site not bits and pieces scattered everywhere#but yeah stealing stuff isn’t okay
Debris field is approximately 15 km2

Do you want pics of dead bodies scattered everywhere?