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"The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything."
 Albert Einstein (via littleghostwriter)
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Russian terrorists claim they captured Ukr ballistic missiles ➡ that means they got it from Russia & plan to bombard Ukr cities.

1. Ukraine don’t use ballistic missiles in ATO, there are no targets for ballistic missiles.
2. There is no need for Ukraine to transport ballistic missiles into dangerous Donetsk and Luhansk region, they can be launched from any other safe place.
So information about captured Ukr ballistic missiles is fake, they can be only Russian.

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Why do u hate Russia so much?




Russia occupied part of my country, and began the war in another part of it. Dozens of young men are dying every day because of some freak who wants more territory even if his country is the biggest country in the world.

THIS. THIS. Слава України!


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"If we discuss something long enough or tell someone we think they’re bad for doing something, we’ll solve all the world’s problems we were created to solve."
Russian regular troops are already in Ukraine. WW3


Who’s next? Poland?

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Russian Invasion of Ukraine: Russian army tanks and soldiers seize Ukrainian coastal town Novoazovsk


Dozens of tanks and hundreds of Russian fighters have crossed from Russia near Novoazovsk into an unbreached part of eastern Ukraine, attacking Ukrainian forces and causing panic and wholesale retreat not only in this small border town but a wide swath of territory, in what Ukrainian and Western military officials have described as a stealth invasion.

http://uatoday.tv/, https://www.facebook.com/uatodaytv, https://twitter.com/uatodaytv

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Christer Karlstad

Christer Karlstad. Cold Comfort. 2010-2012.

Masaru Shichinohe